The Project

With the goal to tickle our audience curiosity and make them smile, me and two Hyper Island classmates built an interactive sound installation – The Crystal of Frequency. The installation played a magical forest sound that changed frequency depending on how the installation was bent.

The Brief

Our Approach
Work in progress

After deciding on our idea we started building it with a flex sensor, an arduino, a computer, LEDs, papers, and a lot of patience. Here you can see the triangles in progress and a sound test in the background

The Exhibition


The crystal’s life was cut short during the exhibition (note to self: use more sturdy materials next time and/or don’t let super drunk people close to your creations), but one mobile phone video was saved.

The sound and video quality will take you back to the early days of Youtube, so if you dare – click play to time travel!

My Role: Tech & Project Management