The Project

Swift is a concept for a sub-brand that me and three of my Hyper Island classmates created for Albinsson & Sjöberg, a Swedish company from 1973 that works with printed motor magazines.

The Brief

  • To connect the company with a younger audience that the client, according to their own statistics, are missing out on
  • Look at the company culture and see how it can be improved

Our Approach

To kick-start things the project we organized a company fika (coffee break) to get an insight into the company culture.


After that we had interviews with the employees and the management.


From the interviews and our own observations we summarized and delivered a list of ideas on how the company culture could be improved, for example with improved ways for the employees to communicate with the management and more team activities.

Based on interviews with the target audience we delivered the final designs and ideas for Swift.

My Role:  UX/UI & Project Manager



Swift Website