It's March Already? – TLDR

This is what I now consider “just a few bikes”

Right now, my life is in that running state. You know, when you seem to be always running but never really catching up with whatever is in front of you?

Below you’ll get a recap of the past four weeks. For you to survive the block of text I promise there will be both cat and food photos.

Week 1
My internship at Minivegas ended and I started my new job as a motion designer at Perfect Fools. New road to work, new people, new assignments. So many new things, brain overload!

Frost, snow and hail week!
Frost, snow and hail week.

Week 2  
Went to Hermitage Amsterdam (supernice one), spent a lot of time with my roomie Kopi the cat, explored the area around my new job and fixed most of the things that were broken on my bike.
Kopi the Cat
I thought this was my bed. Apparently, I was mistaken.

Week 3 
Went on a few photo excursions with my real camera and also went searching for churros. However we’re still on the search for the ultimate ones.
On my way home from work~
On my way home from work, all the homes looking super gezellig~

Week 4
After roughly five hours of sleep, Kopi woke me up at 6am on Saturday morning. I abandoned her (with a trusted caretaker) and joined my friends’ 8am bus to Belgium. One of the more spontaneous things I’ve done in my life, I think!
The City of Ghent featuring Reshma and Sander
The City of Ghent featuring Reshma and Sander

I tried snails, surprisingly good, and a traditional Belgium stew, non-surprisingly delicious. Also had waffles and chocolate, because when in Belgium…
Oh and in the beginning of this month I installed one second everyday app.  Here’s a video of my month:

Yay, you made it to the end! You must be really interested in my life, really bored, or possibly a bit of both. Either way, good job you 😀

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