Amsterdam & Stockholm Snapshots

I want to share a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to lately. So let’s go!
I witnessed the start of the tulip season at Dam Square. I can sense the tourist buzz starting to return at full strength.

Photo credit to Julia Flisberg (furthest to the right), for remembering to take photos.

I flew to Stockholm to celebrate that one of my closest friends (Camilla Sten, second from the right) became an author. If you understand Swedish, I can highly recommend reading “En Annan Gryning“, a book about rasism and an intimidating possible future.
Back in Amsterdam I went to a weekend market in a flower store called Intratuin. Quite cosy! Bought three tiny cactuses for my room 😀
I also went for a few, unusually sunny, lunch walks to Magere Brug(“Skinny Bridge”) .
In a week and a half I am changing jobs, so I’m in the middle of saying good bye to the people and the area around my current office. I’m a big mixture of happiness and sadness. Excitement and goodbyes.
Just the way it’s supposed to be.

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