Oh, Hello Spring!

Kopi has been asleep on my legs for the past two hours, so while I should really be asleep I am instead awake writing this. Future-Saga will not be happy about this, but Present-Saga sure is!

Spring has finally begun and the city is starting to fill up with sunlight, cherry blossoms and a growing line to the Anne Frank House.
Other than that, this week has been quite packed with Hyper Island related things: 
On Tuesday I was at a goodbye dinner for a friend from Hyper, on Wednesday I visited at Hyper here in Amsterdam and on Friday I met up with a friend from Hyper. All great evenings! ^_^
I also went with work to listen to Douwe Bob, the Dutch Eurovision guy:

Didn’t know him from before, but will be interesting to see him in the ESC.

Ok, I hear you Future-Saga, I guess I will have to move the cat now…

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